UH News talks about the Hawaiian Ko‘a Card https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2020/10/02/new-coral-health-tool/

Star Advertiser Mindy Penebacker. Hanauma Bay Clarity. www.staradvertiser.com/2020/08/29/hawaii-news/hanauma-bayhas-been-recovering-since-closing-in-march-new-research-shows/

The Guardian, Megan Meyhew Bergman. Fishing Practices and Coral reef Health Interview. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/aug/26/hawaii-fish-waters-native-commercial-fishers

Hawai‘i News Now ,”A Climate for Change” Bleaching and Coral Reef. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/news/climate-change/

Sea Grant Zoominar Host Kanesa Seraphim talks Hanauma Bay changes during Covid-19. https://youtu.be/ULtEskB2O0E

HPR’s Catherine Cruz “The Conversation” discusses Hanauma Bay closure changes. https://www.hawaiipublicradio.org/post/conversation-whats-happened-hanauma-bay-covid-19-crisis

Hawaii News Now: During long closure, Hanauma Bay’s waters have gotten crystal clear. Chavonnie Ramos, July 2020. https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2020/07/21/during-long-closure-hanauma-bays-waters-have-gotten-crystal-clear/

University of Hawai‘i News: Hanauma Bay water clarity significantly improves without visitors. https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2020/07/20/hanauma-bay-water-clarity/

KHON TV Channel 2 News Lauren Day reports changes at Hanauma Bay since closure. https://www.khon2.com/local-news/hanauma-bay-researcher-says-there-appears-to-be-more-fish-and-clearer-water/

Dr. Ku‘ulei Rodgers and Sarah Severino are featured on Voice of the Sea discussing research in Hanauma Bay

Dr. Ku‘ulei Rodgers explains how state park closures from Covid-19 can benefit sites with high usage like Hanauma Bay in this Civil Beat article.

Dr. Ku‘ulei Rodgers discusses the most recent coral bleaching event in Kāne‘ohe Bay with HPR-1’s Ryan Finnerty. Listen here.

Dr. Ku‘ulei Rodgers talks about the Hawaiian Ko‘a (Coral) Health Assessment Card in an interview on The Conversation with Hawai‘i Public Radio’s Catherine Cruz. Listen here.

Civil Beat article on the Community-based Subsistence Fishing Area in Hā‘ena, Kaua‘i.


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Waikiki Aquarium flyer

The Hawaiian Koʻa Card is now on PacIOOS

Screenshot_2019-09-30 Fwd Aloha from PacIOOS - agraham8 hawaii edu - University of Hawaii Mail

Hawaiʻi Public Radio: Assessing Coral Health with the Koʻa Card

Listen to Ko’a Card Interview with HPR

Hawaiian Koʻa Card Outreach Events

The Coral Reef Ecology Lab is extremely grateful to the community for the overwhelming support we have seen at each of our outreach events across the islands. We have presented the Ko‘a Card in Kona Hawai‘i, Maui, O‘ahu and Kaua‘i so far and received amazing attendance, support, and feedback from many community members and organizations. We would also like to express our gratitude to the very generous organizations who were willing to host and help promote our events at each of the islands. The lab is currently planning future outreach events for the Ko‘a card on O‘ahu and in Hilo Hawai‘i in late August. Check the website for updates on future events.

Hawai‘i: Kahalu’u Beach Park
Hawai‘i: Natural Energy of Hawaii Authority
Maui: Maui Ocean Center

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Sarah Severino on Hawaii News Now – Are people loving Hanauma Bay to death? (Nov. 2018)

Are people loving Hanauma Bay to death?

Guest Blog in PeerJ by Dr. Keisha Bahr

Corals are becoming more tolerant of rising ocean temperatures


Ku‘ulei Rodgers on Hawaii News Now- A grounded sailboat damaging the reef at He‘eia fishpond (March 2018)

Read the full story here

Check out our article in Popular Science on bleaching events in Hanauma Bay

Hawaii’s most popular coral reefs are in big trouble

Popular Science

Recent study by Dr. Alan Friedlander and Dr. Ku‘ulei Rodgers et. al made headlines throughout the Hawaiian islands

Hawaii researchers tie reef fish decline to overfishing

moku paper

“Theater Thursdays”- Free public talk by Dr. Keisha Bahr

Hanauma Bay flyer

Dr. Keisha Bahr spoke at Santa Monica College as part of the Distinguished Scientists Lecture Series. Check out her talk on how human shape coral reefs on iTunes.

Dr. Rodgers talks about the Coral Reef Ecology Lab

Credit: EPSCoR Hawai‘i CyberTeam

Corals under climate change: Hawai’i’s winners and losers

Guest blog post by Dr. Keisha Bahr.Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 7.50.50 PM.png

The dangers of coral bleaching and its effects on Hawaiʻi’s coral reefs 

Drs. Rodgers and Bahr talk about climate change implications on corals.

more at: http://www.hoaoahu.com/#!coralreefs/amem1